Fire Chaplains Memorial


When I receive my final call
That great summons from on high
The alarm that comes to one and all
From the Lord of earth and sky.

Would you respond as I have done
To neighbors along the way?
Comfort my firefighters as I have done
Please find some kind words to say.

Give my boots, coat, helmet, Bible and gloves
To a fine young Chaplain with pride.
Help them stand tall with those they love
And my spirit by their side.

Maybe I’m just reminiscing
As I try to look ahead
Where fire alarms will never ring
This is true so Jesus said.

May God sustain and strengthen all,
My family and friends so dear
When I respond to my last call
And my Jesus says:  “come up here”.


Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Chaplain Bert Anderson                       Providence Fire Department, Rhode Island

Chaplain O.A. Alderson                       Miami Fire Department, Florida

Chaplain H. Jay Atwood       Aledo Fire Department/Parker County ESD #1, Texas

Chaplain Joe Balent                              Minneapolis Fire Department, Minnesota

Chaplain Ben Benthien       East Pierce County Fire Department, Washington

Chaplain Larry Biemllier                      Jarretsville Fire Department, Maryland

Chaplain Dan Bitsko       Smithtown Fire Department, New York

Chaplain Nick Brett                              Dundee Fire Department, Oklahoma

Chaplain Donald Castle                        Lombard Fire Department, Illinois

Gilbert Chard      Warriors Path Fire Department, Tennessee

Chaplain Roger Charles                       Harveysburg Fire Department, Ohio

Chaplain David Coblentz                     Middletown Fire Department, Maryland          

Chaplain Gerald Cohen                        Michigan City Fire Department, Indiana

Chaplain Israel (Sonny) Cohen            Wassaic, NY Fire Department

Chaplain Jim Cole                                Harlem-Roscoe Fire District, Illinois

Chaplain Terry Collins Past President; Hampstead Fire Department, North Carolina

Chaplain Piece Damewood                  Maryland State Fireman’s Association

Chaplain Jim Dawson       Bloomington Township Fire Department, Indiana

Chaplain Jack Ehlenfeld                       North Park Fire Department, Illinois

Chaplain Thomas Engbers       Past President; Miami/Miaai Dade, FL

Chaplain Winfield Engler                     Palmyra Fire Department, Pennsylvania

Chaplain Dan Ennis                              Shively Fire Department, Kentucky

Chaplain Ken Erickson                         Providence Fire Department, Rhode Island

Chaplain John Folster                           Fall River Fire Department, Massachusetts

Chaplain Michael Forbes                      East River  Fire Department, West Virginia

Chaplain Lee Gapzke                           Sauk Village, IL Fire Department

Chaplain Kent Garrett                          Woodstock Fire Department, Ontario, Canada

Chaplain James Paul Gentry                 Sisters Fire Department, Oregon

Chaplain Gerard Gfroerer                     Uniondale Fire Department, Pennsylvania

Chaplain Rick Giardine        Olathe Fire Department, Kansas

Chaplain Ken Gill       Oak Bay Fire Department, BC Canada

Chaplain Greg Griego                           Albuquerque Fire Department, New Mexico

Chaplain Bob Grumbine                       Baltimore Fire Department, Maryland

Chaplain Dan Harris                             Hampton Bays Fire Department, New York

Chaplain Eileen Helzel                          Lumminary-Frostbite Fire Department, Tennessee

Chaplain Richard Holst (Line of Duty Death)  9/9/2009 Huntington Manor Fire Department, NY

Chaplain Allen Jelenick                        Minneapolis Fire Department, Minnesota

Chaplain Mychal Judge  (Line of Duty Death)    9/11/2001 FDNY, New York

Chaplain Steve Kass                              Ventura  City Fire Department, California

Chaplain Steven G. Kay Past President; Redlands Fire Department, California

Chaplain David Keasling Van Buren Fire Department, Indiana

Chaplain John Lama                               Margate Fire Department, Florida

Chaplain Ken Latham                             Sevier County Fire Department, Tennessee

Chaplain Steve Layzell Hillsboro Oregon Fire Department, Oregon

Chaplain Howard Lewis         Snohomish Fire Department, Washington

Chaplain Frank Lucas                            Wantagh Fire Department, New York

Chaplain Louis Ray Lyons                    Cynthiana Fire Department, Kentucky

Chaplain George L’Heureux                  Maryland Firemen’s Association

Chaplain Bryan Massie                          Mechanicsburg Fire Department, Ohio

Chaplain Dennis McCarthy                   Winterhaven Fire Department, Florida

Chaplain McClendon  Mixon                Ohio State Firefighter’s Association, Ohio

Chaplain Ray Middaugh                        Toledo Fire Department, Ohio

Chaplain Irvin Mitchell                         Sun City Fire Department, Arizona

Chaplain Larry Modugno       President; Ventura, California

Chaplain Paul Morin                            Christian Firefighter’s Guild

Chaplain Ewing Nelson                        Abilene Fire Department, Texas

Chaplain Lester Palmer                        Albuquerque Fire Department, New Mexico

Chaplain Darrell Parker (Line of Duty Death)       8/13/14  Fairbury Fire Department, Nebraska

Chaplain Donald Petree                        LaFollette Fire Department, Tennessee

Chaplain Paul Pierce                             Largo Fire Department, Florida

Chaplain Pete Rogers                            New Orleans Fire Department, Louisiana

Chaplain Bill Rucker       Munfordville Fire Department, Kentucky

Chaplain Paul Ruzzo                            Manchester Fire Department, New Hampshire

Chaplain Frank Saveno                        Emerson, NY Fire Department

Chaplain Jack Shell                              Grand Ledge, MI Fire Department

Chaplain Edward Sheffield                  Cincinnati, OH Fire Department

Chaplain John Sherwood                     Ventura County, CA Fire Department

Chaplain Steve Short                            Washington, DC Fire Department

Chaplain Garland Simmons        Faucette North Carolina Fire Department

Chaplain Fred Tomzik       Norwood Park Fire Department, Illinois

Chaplain Allen Tucker                          Jasper Fire Department, Texas

Chaplain Richard Vascik                       Rossford Fire Department, Ohio

Chaplain George A. Walker                  Bismark Fire Department, North Dakota

Chaplain George Walker, Jr                   Corpus Christi Fire Department, Texas


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