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As an active member of the Federation of Fire Chaplains, you are also automatically enrolled in the Federation of Fire Chaplains Training Institute. The Institute provides training for fire chaplains and tracks training records of FFC members. 

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Basic and Advanced Certificates of Training are available through the Institute. We will also keep your training record up to date for future awards and recognition. 

FFC encourages all of our members to keep up on training and stay current in ministry. Fill out your Institute Application and training record today. If you have previously filled out the application, no need to do it again, just send a Training Update Form along with any additional certificates. They will be added to your file.


FFC is not a credentialing agency and does not certify ability or performance. FFC Training certificates acknowledge fire chaplain training attendance and investment in education.

Basic Fire Chaplain Certificate


The Basic Fire Chaplain training includes 16 hours of course material (The Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy) designed as survey of ministry in the fire service.  During basic training the chaplain will take classes in Ministry to Firefighters, Ministry to Fire Victims, Critical Incident Stress, Fire Department Funerals, Fire Chaplain Operations, and many others. Classes are taught only by qualified FFC Instructors.


Basic Certificate classes are offered in person only at this time. This course is offered in entirety each year at the FFC Annual Conference and is offered in part or in full in many regions of the United States by certified FFC Instructors throughout the year. Check the Events page of this website for training events near you. If you are interested in hosting a training event in your area, please contact the FFC Regional Director for your region or the FFC Institute Director.

Advanced Fire Chaplain Certificate


Those having completed the Basic Certificate may choose to pursue the Advanced Studies Certificate. Successful applicants will have at least five years chaplaincy experience and will complete coursework equaling 130 credits (Note: The 16 hours of Essentials becomes the first 16 hours toward your Advanced Certificate) in areas such as Critical Incident Stress Management, Pastoral Crisis Intervention, Grief, Disaster Chaplaincy, and many other categories. Completion of the Advanced Certificate represents a considerable investment of time, energy, and dedication. 

Check out the requirements for your Advanced Certificate HERE

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To receive the advanced certificate, chaplains must be FFC Members and have a file with the FFC Institute. Advanced courses are always offered at the FFC Annual Conference, and often at regional training events as well. There are a few required courses (detailed in the application packet), but it is up to the individual to design the balance of their training regimen according to their needs and interests.

FFC Advanced  Courses

In addition to the Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy course, the FFC has developed other classes which may be taught at regional or local training events by FFC Instructors. A current listing of classes is below.

* Fire Families: Family Support & Awareness Program

* Fire Department Ethics

* Death Notification

* Dealing with Difficult Deaths

Are you interested in becoming an FFC Instructor?

Please direct all correspondence with the Institutes to:

FFC Institutes

PO Box 567748

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You can check your Training Record by contacting the FFC Office at ffc.chaplain.gmail.com or Call (469) 901-1434. 

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