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Membership is open to all who are involved with the fire service chaplaincy. Some of our members are full-time career chaplains. The majority are volunteers. Others are firefighters or paramedics who have religious training, denominational officials, lay persons, or seminary students.

Benefits to Members:

* Written materials designed to help chaplains implement and sustain effective programs.

* Educational opportunities are offered to chaplains in annual conferences and regional meetings.

* A Fire Chaplain is provided to all members to provide a network of mutual support and information sharing.

* Provides standing in a professional organization. Certificates for completed training are provided.

* Chaplain identification is provided through identification cards, membership certificates, arm patches, and automobile decals.

* Outlines and programs for annual Memorial Services are provided.

* Access to the ‘members only’ section of the website.

Benefits to Department:

* Provides information on establishing a chaplaincy program.

* Gives chaplain training through conferences, lesson material, and articles.

* Gives support and encouragement to the chaplain.

* Keeps the chaplain abreast of the latest programs and developments in the field.

Membership Dues (Please Note: Dues run on a calendar year and should be renewed as soon after January 1st as possible)

* $125.00 initial fee

* $100.00/year dues

Membership Qualifications:

Members are:

* appointed to the chaplaincy by a fire service agency.

* endorsed by their religious body for the ministry as a chaplain.

* Must have taken the FFC Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy course (This is accomplished by taking the Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy course from an approved FFC instructor. To find a scheduled class, check in the Events section of our website).

***Any exception will be evaluated on a case by case basis***

Associate Members are:

* appointed to serve as a chaplain by a fire service agency but lack the ecclesiastical endorsement or the Essentials class.

* former fire department chaplains who are not currently serving in that capacity.

* individuals or groups that have an interest in and are supportive of the objectives and goals of the Federation of Fire Chaplains.

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