Los Angeles City Fire Chaplain Training

  • 07 Aug 2018
  • 08:00
  • 10 Aug 2018
  • 17:00
  • Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center 1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012

California Fire Chaplain Association

Federation of Fire Chaplains

“Serving those who Serve”

F.D. Chaplain Training

August 7,8,9,10, 2018

                          Hosted by the Los Angeles City Fire Department Chaplains

Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center: 

1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, Ca 90012 

ICISF Class:  Pastoral Crisis Intervention 1

Tuesday, 8/7 and Wednesday, 8/8, 2018: 0800a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Course Description-     Pastoral Crisis Intervention may be thought of as the combination of faith-based resources with traditional techniques of crisis intervention. Pastoral crisis intervention represents a powerful addition to traditional community and organizational psychological support resources.  The purpose of this two-day course is to assist the participants in learning how pastoral interventions and traditional psychological crisis interventions may be effectively integrated.  Chaplains, pastoral counselors, mental health professionals, ministers, and anyone interested in the use of the faith-based resources in healing should find this course of interest.  

Program Highlights:      Nature of human crisis; Nature of crisis intervention; Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM);  Signs and symptoms of the crisis state; The “crisis of faith”; Criteria for psychological triage; Strategic SAFER-PCI Model; Common PCI Mistakes; Challenging PCIs:

Completion of “Pastoral Crisis Intervention” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (13 Contact Hours) qualifies as a class in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.  

Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy

Tuesday 8/7 and Wednesday 8/8, 2018:  0800 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Course Description- This is the Foundational Course for Fire Chaplaincy. Topics include Foundations of Fire Chaplaincy, Personhood of the Fire Chaplain, Ministry to Firefighters, Crisis Victim Ministry, Fire Chaplain Operations, Firefighter Injury and LODD. 16 Hours

CFCA/FFC Advanced Training; Theodicy and Trauma

Thursday 8/9 and Friday 8/10, 2018  08:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Course Description-     As chaplains and pastoral care providers, we are often asked why God would allow some terrible thing to happen.  It is Job’s, “Why?”  We are asked this question as we respond to disasters, accidents, and other crisis events.  We ask ourselves the same question as we bear witness to the injuries and sufferings of others.  As chaplains and volunteers, we are expected to know the answer to these questions, even as we wrestle with them ourselves.  

Theodicy is the attempt to reconcile our faith and beliefs with our personal experience of pain, suffering and evil.  This course conceptualizes theodicy as a process using a seven-factor model people commonly employ to reconcile incongruities between their faith and experience.  It will teach care givers to listen for key words and phrases that indicate where individuals are in this process and to help assess its potential to contribute to post-traumatic injury or post-traumatic growth.  

Participants will be able to identify each of the seven factors: attributions attachment, identity, moral violation, religious coping, social support, and view of evil that are part of the theodicy process and identify helpful ways to respond to them. Participants will also be given the opportunity to reflect and develop their personal theodicies, to assist them in using their own faith resources in response to the constant exposure to the suffering and questions of others.  

Course objectives:  Understand key terms related to theodicy, trauma, post traumatic stress  and post traumatic growth.   Understand the seven factors involved in constructing theodicy.  Be able to identify each factor and how it is expressed in the course of a conversation and possible interventions.      Be able to evaluate and assess the risks and strengths created by theodicy disruption and a person’s ability to reconcile beliefs with actual experience.  Be able to address these issues within the SAFER intervention model.   Understand how failure to progress through the theodicy process can contribute to or exacerbate post traumatic stress.  Understand how continued progress through the theodicy process can contribute to behaviors identified with post traumatic growth.    Understand the unique challenge presented by recurrent and multiple traumatic events.  Understand the challenges and risks associated with vicarious traumatization and cumulative exposure on the theodicy process.  Have tools to reflect upon your own thinking and journey as you and others in the process.  

Instructor Bio:  

The Rev Dr. Edgar Hatcher is a retired Air Force Chaplain with 38 years of pastoral experience.  He is an approved instructor for more than 15 different international Critical Incident Stress Foundation courses and holds all ICISF Certificates of Specialized Training.  A lifetime member of the National Organization for Victim Assistance, he also teaches courses in Psychological First Aid, Theodicy and Trauma, and Clergy Sexual Assault Response.  Chaplain Ed is the Associate Director of the Midwest Region of the Federation of Fire Chaplains and Secretary/Treasurer of the  Missouri Fire Chaplain Corps.  A licensed Professional Counselor, Ed holds a doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from Argosy University, and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.  He serves as pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Sullivan, Missouri, and is active in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s outreach to military veterans and their families.     

Class Location: Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center: 1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, Ca 90012.

Class will start at 08:00 Tuesday thru Friday.  

To register for the CFCA/FFC ICISF & Advanced class make checks  payable to CFCA. 

Online registration and paymentis available through www.cfcachaplain.org   

Cancellation PolicyNeed a minimum of ten students enrolled per CFCA/FFC class by August 1, 2018,  If we do not meet the minimum the class or classes will be cancelled and a full refund will be returned to the enrollees.   

If a student cannot attend the training, a full refund will be available up to August 1, 2018.  After that date, no refund will be made.  

Registrations are transferable. 

Lodging is available near the location at: The Holiday Inn in Burbank; 

or you may want to check Hotels.com or Expedia.com.  

Meals: Fruit and pastries will be provided each morning at the training site.

CFCA EIN 72-1580589

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ICISF Class Pastoral Crisis Intervention 1-14 Hours $200.00

 CFCA/FFC FD Essentials Class-16 hours- $250.00   

CFCA/FFC Advanced-Theodicy and Trauma-16 hours $200.00  

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