2018 Indiana Fire Chaplains Training April 24 & 25

  • 24 Apr 2018
  • 09:00
  • 25 Apr 2018
  • 16:00
  • Life Church 612 N. High School Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46214


All classes are taught by Federation of Fire Chaplain Instructors. The conference will be on the campus of Life Church in Indianapolis, Indiana from 9:00-4:00 each day. There will be a continental breakfast, lunch and snacks provided each day. 

Conference Coordinator

Mike Donahue - email: revdonahue@yahoo.com

For additional information you can visit the Indiana Fire Chaplains website at:



Life Church

612 N. High School Rd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46214


(317) 222-5510


Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy April 24 & 25

Instructors: Doug Kizer, Jimmie Duncan, Tony Portell

This is a two day (16 hour ) class that is an introduction to fire chaplaincy. Essentials is a foundational course upon which all other fire chaplaincy courses are developed. The Essentials class is designed for the newly appointed chaplain, as well as the veteran chaplain who needs a refresher course to update their information and skills.

Advanced Chaplain Training

One day class on Tuesday April 24th

Instructors: Multiple Instructors

This is a one full day of instruction is designed to equip chaplains in a number of vital areas for serving those in the Fire Service

  1. How Chaplains Serve Their Department-The class will train chaplains working with Fire Service personnel and understanding the role of the chaplain and the many services chaplains can provide to departments
  2. Working With the Red Cross in Disasters-How Fire Department chaplains interact with the Red Cross during local disasters.
  3. The Chief's Perspective-A local Indiana Fire Chief will provide insight on leading a fire department in the 21st century. From the Chief's perspective, we will learn where chaplains interact and how we serve.
  4. Chaplain Roundtable-We have all learned many valuable lessons through our experiences. Sharing these experiences are valuable tools for the fire chaplain  who may face similar situations.


The cost for the Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy is $125.00. This class is based on the Federation of Fire Chaplains Manual. You will be able to purchase a manual in a 3 ring binder notebook for $60.00 or in an electronic version on a flash drive for $30.00

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